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***Living in New York City, trash is just a big issue. Did you know 13,000 tons of residential trash gets exported from New York City each DAY? When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg temporarily ended recycling of plastics and glass a few years ago, we thought it was a very flawed decision. We need to focus on the whole cycle: REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE. Recycle This! is focused on reTHINKING this whole consumption cycle. How can we 'waste' less and change things so recycling doesn't just become a way to make us feel *better* about wasting more!
Recycle This NYC! (Note: Site No Longer Active!)

***At B-girl, we are not in favor of pesticides and choose organic whenever possible. So when New York City began mass spraying (via helicopter!) toxic chemicals, we were outraged. This was the beginning of our foray into activism. Now these pesticides are being sprayed across the country each summer for the West Nile virus. Learn more !
Check out the No Spray Coalition web site

***Can horses still run free? We read an article in the New York Times (cover story) a few years ago and we felt so saddened that these last 'few' wild horses were being reined in (pun intended) and their freedom curtailed. I guess we feel that, as humans, we are encountering authoritarian styles and more and more rules in our society. We'd like to at least believe some horses can run free! Check out Wild Horse Spirit

do it yourself (DIY) & environmental & animal topics !

Want to learn to Do It Yourself ... whether it is sewing, jewelry making, knitting and more? New York City craft classes done in the sweetest and hippest way! Learn more from MAKE WORKSHOP!

Cruelty Free Living from PETA ... These are some great first steps on how to make your life more animal friendly. I agree with PETA on most issues - maybe not all - but if they can make us think a little more compassionately towards animals and re-orient our way of life, then that's a good direction to go! Check out CRUELTY FREE here!

Recycle your electronics! A computer has about four tons of lead in it along with cadmium, mercury and lots of not great stuff. throw this in your trash and who knows where it ends up? Well, actually we do. It will either be incinerated or end up in a landfill where it can easily leak one day. Either way, those toxins will end up in our air, water and soil. Learn about what FreeGeek is doing in Portland, Oregon and find (or start a program in your community) out about Electronics Recycling & more! FreeGeek may inspire you!

We saw this passionate and heartbreaking film called "Peaceable Kingdom" and Farm Sanctuary's work was featured. There was a chicken farm that had been hit by a storm and the cages were mangled and not accessible. The owners of the chicken farm had just left, abandoned the site and the chickens. The footage of Farm Sanctuary people rescuing the chickens was amazing - and also not being able to get to some, which was breaking their hearts, and broke mine just watching it. They teach children about animals and rescue so many and tell their stories on their web site. See the beautiful work of Farm Sanctuary here!

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