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From the first look at the B-girl, you will know you have hit upon something unique, individual and ultimately uplifting.  The B-girl is the symbol for B-girl Inc., a new kind of company that embraces the powerful nature of the holistic sensibility but goes beyond its sometimes overly serious nature.   The foundation of B-girl is the proven power of aromatherapy but at its core is the belief in self-empowerment.  

B-girl utilizes the power of aromatherapy via essential oils, from flowers, plants & herbs, to impact our most powerful sense - our sense of smell.  Renowned figures from Cleopatra to scientists of today have verified that what we smell can influence our emotions & well-being.  The oils in B-girl's love&bliss formula are specially blended to do what they say!   B-girl is made to be worn on pulse points and dabbed on when you feel you need it.

I created B-girl while I was a publicist in the music industry. Among my artist clients were Sarah McLachlan, Patti Smith, Carly Simon, Aretha Franklin, AC/DC, and David Bowie. I still dabble in p.r. from time-to-time but on a more issue-oriented level. My goal for B-girl is for it to be the kind of company I would like to see in the world, taking what I learned from being a music publicist, an environmentally aware person and someone who cares about wildlife and animals. I did not want B-girl to be just about selling a product but about the interaction between that product and the person who ultimately uses it. My belief is that a wholistic approach to aromatherapy (and other things) can change how we view the world. It takes one step.

As we've moved into the millenium, the world is moving more quickly.  Even more so, we need to access the fun, magical and mystical elements of our lives while taking care of ourselves and the planet.  While our goal is serious, we still want to have fun. This is the belief behind B-girl.  

Peace. Cathryn. B-girl.

of course you must believe. and be.
b-girl. without definition.
do you believe in magic?
sometimes that's all there is.

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