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Welcome to! Look for a revamped soon! We're working on it.
Sorry the site was offline for a couple days... We are working on a few new sites which work in tandem with B-girl. Stay tuned, B-girls.

Be sure to explore our site, learn about our fabulous aromatherapy fragrance formulas, our adorable new organic cotton t's, and the B-girl philosophy while you keep up-to-date with the B-girl diary , learn and enjoy...

The B-girl oils are blended by hand in Brooklyn, NY using organic and wildcrafted essential oils! The six original amazing formulas are: love&bliss, destress, empower, focus, cash flow, and sleep. (Not all are available at this time.)

B-Girl has been featured in: ELLE, IN Style, YM, Seventeen, Latina, Paris ELLE, BRITISH ELLE, WWD & more!

Before I created B-girl, I read a book called "Magical Aromatherapy" by Scott Cunningham which informed my perspective on how the oils can be used. I never looked at the oils as 'a product' - I looked at them (and still do) as a little bit of magic sent out into the world.

B-girl is working on a book. More news coming... soon!

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of course you must believe. and be.
b-girl. without definition.
do you believe in magic?
sometimes that's all there is.

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